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Glossary of Martini Terms


As their name suggest, bitters are a bitter additive made from dozens, if not hundreds of herbs, spices and plants. Bitters are often called for to flavor cocktails. Use bitters in moderation, as too much can ruin the cocktail

A dirty martini has a little bit of olive brine added to the concoction

A Dry Martini is one with a small amount of vermouth. As more vermouth is added, the Martini becomes "wetter".

Let Stand:
Pour your ingredients in to an ice-filled shaker. Don't shake it, "let it stand" for a minute or so and strain out your contents.

Using a wand like instrument (similar to a mortar in Chemistry) about 6-8 inches long, usually made of wood or glass/porcelain to crush and mix ingredients in a shaker (e.g. martinis).

Olive Pick:
An olive pick is basically a fancy toothpick used to hold olives.

A part is NOT a fixed amount. It refers to the relative amount of an ingredient. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 part A and 2 parts B, then the final drink should have twice as much B as it does A. You can make the drink as big as you want!

Many recipes call for a glass to be "rinsed" with a particular liqueur. This means that you need to place a small amount of the liqueur in your glass and swirl it around so that the inside of the glass is coated evenly. Pour any extra liqueur out of the glass when you are done.

Take the contents of the glass the drink has been mixed in, pour into the stainless steel cocktail shaker and pour directly back into the same glass.

One needs to score a fresh lemon or lime or orange twist from the whole of a citrus fruit, ideally 2 to 3 inches long, a beautiful garnish for a variety of gin or vodka or any number of liquor based martini presentations. A freshly scored and twirled twist is the perfect finish.

When you use a shaker to mix and cool your ingredients, you are shaking your drink. The Goal here is to mix and cool your ingredients.

Stainless steel or glass container filled with booze and ice. With the lid firmly in place, shake the shaker up and down to mix and cool everything.

For those of you who dislike shaking your martinis, you can stir. Basically, you add your ingredients into an ice filled pitcher of some sort and stir. The goal here is to mix and chill your ingredients.

Straight Up:
A Straight Up (or just Up) drink has no ice. Really the opposite of "On the Rocks" Strainer A device that fits onto the top of a tumbler and allows you to pour the liquid into a glass, while keeping the ice behind.

A twist is a garnish made from the rind of a lemon or lime (usually a lemon).

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